To our Ministry Friends – Pastors, and church leaders and women across Canada:

Gather is a transformational movement of women in Canada.

I can’t express how excited we are to share with you the vision God has called us and Christian women across Canada to: Gather the one, the few and the many for His glory in this great nation in 2018.

Since the Gather movement launched in 2014, almost five thousand women across Canada have raised their hand to say, “I’m in.” We are becoming visible to each other and immersing ourselves in the work of cultivating the fertile soil of the Canadian landscape by creating a robust network online and on the ground.

We have tended to import many of our resources and the voices that grace our platforms with teaching and equipping, from other countries. We are grateful for all of them. We are mindful that we have an abundance of gifting in our nation among this generation of Canadian Christian women. We are aware that many are waiting to be called forth, connected, championed, equipped and mobilized into service in their places, here in Canada.

In 2018 we are focused on presence – online and on the ground. We have determined to continue gathering Christian women together from across Canada. We are the second largest country in the world, and our women are spread across this nation. We value generational, geographical, denominational and cultural diversity, and do not assume that women’s stories and experiences are the same province to province. We believe that by gathering, our individual voices rise and collectively, we are better together.

We have been present in Surrey, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Oakville, Ottawa and Montreal, and have experienced incredible regional gatherings. Women hear from gifted bible teachers, worship, and pray together, engage in conversations of our day regarding women in the church and social justice, and are mobilized to go out to immerse themselves in the work of the local church, and become active in their spheres of influence. The goal is to transform the soil between our two feet and we see Canada as soil ripe for harvest. What if women were challenged to find their individual and national voice as disciples of Christ, and agents of transformation for this time in history?

Here is a reminder of WHO WE ARE and WHY WE EXIST:

Gather Women exists to connect, equip and champion women of Canada so that they are empowered and encouraged to influence their world for Jesus Christ.

  • We embrace the truth that centered on Jesus Christ, we are stronger together.

  • We are committed to championing a culture of support from coast to coast to cultivate a unified and diverse network: generationally, denominationally, geographically and culturally.

  • We believe in the value of the local church and the importance of women being gathered in to go back out to their churches and continue to put their faith into action.

  • We uphold the significance of the one, the few and the many. Every voice matters. Every woman matters.

What would it look like if Canadian Christian women were stronger together through a connected infrastructure coast to coast?

We are inviting you - our friends, church pastors and leaders - to encourage the women in your world to gather with us! We fully expect that they will then bring their gifts more fully back to invest in your local church community. Would you join us as we seek to champion a culture of support for each woman in this nation?

We pray your women will join us for Gather Rise in Oakville, ON on October 27, 2018. Click here for registration! Women are coming from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Eastern Provinces to connect with you and equip you! We are making history in Jesus’ name. Let Us Gather!

In His Name, and for His Glory,

Cathie Ostapchuk
Co-Founder and Lead Catalyst
Gather Women