noun: communication - the imparting or exchanging of information or news; the successful conveyance and transmission of ideas and feelings
Rollo May said:  “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

Gather Women desires that our words, our stories, our images, and our methods of conveying our message, reflect the greater story of the work of transformation that God is doing in our lives.  He is writing stories of transformation, individually, and collectively, on our hearts as women of faith in Canada.  He is leveraging our individual stories to impact each other, one conversation and one relationship at a time.

We do not want to communicate to just be heard, but desire your interaction and response back to us.  Communication is an exchange, not a one-way delivery.

We value the trust you have placed in Gather Women by allowing us into your hearts through face to face interaction, through email, and through social media and online tools.  Ideally, we would be gathered around a table with each of you right this minute!  We would be sipping on a sumptuous beverage, and having conversation in real life and in real time. When we cannot gather live, we want you to know that we value you and the deep relationships that are forming through other opportunities.

We envision creating a larger pool of shared meaning around what it means to be a generation of women living in this nation at this time in history.  We dream of widening the portal of open exchange of stories between us.  We know and understand that by championing each other, we diminish feelings of isolation, and instead experience connection, valuing and community.

As we magnify the lens on our communication in the days ahead – through FB Live Monday Minutes, virtual story-sharing, images and inspiration shared through social media and blogposts, and of course, our live Gatherings – we invite you to join the conversation.  Dialogue back to us so there is a mutual exchange of ideas, feelings, experience, and Biblical truth.

The truth is there is a God in heaven who loves you, and created you for purpose.

The truth is you were not created to journey alone.  We are better together as we rise to the challenge of walking out our callings, unified and diverse, in this nation, in this generation.

As we Communicate, we invite you to listen and respond.  As you Communicate: we promise to listen and respond.  What are your hopes and dreams?  What are your challenges and deepest fears? Where do you fit in your church community? How can you increase your impact in your sphere of influence at home, or in the marketplace? How can we resource you in creating a Gather Circle?  How can we equip you as a leader? How will joining the Gather Women movement help you experience belonging?   

Let’s make 2017 a year where Communication brings us closer to God and to each other. We are privileged to have you on this journey and would love to hear from you!  Keep the conversation and the relationship going by joining us via Facebook, Instagram and our website.  Let us Gather.

Written by Cathie Ostapchuk