Magnify: Gather Women's One Word for 2017

Gather Women's One Word for 2017 is the word Magnify.

We chose this word for 2017 because it encompasses three facets that capture Gather Women's heart for ministry and mission. To magnify is to Focus, to Illuminate and to Amplify.

FOCUS - to bring into focus and see the invisible

  • Gather Women desires to magnify the connecting threads between Christian women in Canada coast to coast. We desire to seek out the invisible threads - women, diverse and unique, spread out across the country - and make them visible and connected.

ILLUMINATE - to focus light, to concentrate God’s love for His daughters in this nation, and create a hot spot at the focus for fire starting

  • Gather Women desires to kindle a passion for championing a culture of support that spreads across Canada, as every woman discovers her purpose and potential.

AMPLIFY - to enlarge, maximize, increase, expand and amplify voice and presence

  • Gather women desires to create opportunities to increase and amplify the voice and presence of Christian women in Canada, and to speak and act for the glory of God’s great Name.

Our guiding Scripture for the word Magnify flows from the Magnificat:

"My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant." Luke 1:46

What is your One Word for 2017? If you have not yet done so, download our free resource to help you discover your word.