A Gather Prayer on Abundance

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In the abundance of the love You lavish on us,

In the abundance of grace You give to us,

We come to you Father with grateful hearts.

Thank You that Your promises for us are good and true. Calm our anxious hearts and help us trust in the abundance of life You have for us, when we are found in You.

May we look to You, in the midst of our fears and failures, remembering the abundance of Your promise, that You will finish the good work You have begun in us.

May we be women who find fresh...and deep...and authentic intimacy with you, God.

May we be women who reveal and incarnate Your way and Your wisdom to those around us.

You offer to us an abundance of spiritually nourishing communication with you, God.  May we live in that connection with you, side by side, walking and talking with God.

Open our eyes to see that you are present with us, here with us.

The abundance of all we need is in your hands. May we live in your abundance today and everyday. 

Elle Pyke is part of the Gather Women team.