Watering Our Own Grass: A Global Movement and a Local Presence


This was the message that Eugene Cho spoke brilliantly over the women gathered at IF: Gathering in Austin Feb 5-6.  IF:Gathering is a global movement of more than 500,00 women around the world passionate about becoming disciples who make disciples who give Jesus away.

I was there in the room with 2,000 women who experienced being warmly welcomed into a beautiful space.  We worshipped.  We heard stories of brave women with incredible stories of perseverance through trial.  We heard brilliant teachers expounding on the life of Jesus from the book of John.

A pure and simple invitational space was created where we felt we were part of something much bigger than ourselves and were challenged to be confident to leave and live with clarity as to our 'what next'.  Within the same space were pockets of community and small group moments designed for us to connect and share.  And, most significant to my experience, there were moments where many of us had epiphanal 'ah-ha' moments.

Mine were connected closely to tears.  I rose to embrace the call to live visionally and sacrificially in my generation, along with the sisterhood around the globe.  However the words, 'water your own grass' made my heart pound with deeper conviction that I was leaving the hip vibe that is Austin and coming back to my country.  And I knew why.  My call is to cultivate the soil right between my two feet - and be a part of bringing out into light by tilling the soil - the seeds that God has been planting in His daughters here in Canada since time began.

It is our time Canadian girls.  Does this mean we don't need to reinvent the wheel if there is a global movement already taking place?  Or does it mean we have work here in this beautiful land to do - and that we are called to connect to each other coast to coast, and hear His voice to us on Canadian soil?

The answer is Yes.  And Yes.  How beautiful to create a parallel track with our sisters to the south of us and around the world.  We run alongside each other as we see all of our countries transformed as we become clear of our vision, confident of our voice, rising to become visible, and use our spheres of influence to radically shape our culture.  

And so we are doing that.  Here in Canada.  In 2016.  Our mandate is to be fully Present.  Here.  On the ground.  Fully present online through a robust network coast to coast.  Fully present on the ground as we head out in our 'party bus' to come to geographical areas where women are raising their hands high.  


Our first Regional Gather is April 2 in Surrey!

Registration opens in a few hours and we cannot, cannot wait to welcome the one, the few and the many who are able to come and gather with us.  There is a space being prepared just for you!

We will hear from voices of women who have an established and credible voice here in Canada and globally.  We will hear stories of our women who can teach us what it means to step out and follow Jesus.  We will be partnering with some amazing organizations who are doing justice and advocacy work here in Canada and all over the world.  And yes, there will be a unique shopping experience for you as well.  

Let's water our grass.  In this time in history.  On our soil.  Let us Gather.

Cathie Ostapchuk is a Co-Visionary of Gather Women.