Episode 006: Stephanie Morales Beaulieu on the Titles and the Corner Office


Episode 006: Stephanie Morales-Beaulieu on the Titles and the Corner Office

CoHost Kaitlyn Cey interviews Stephanie on striving for success, what the “corner office” symbolizes for women, and how to find our identity whatever our title may be. This episode is about striving and seeking in a way that honours God, no matter our role.


Who is Stephanie?
Stephanie Morales-Beaulieu is a lover of God’s Word and shares that passion online, in her living room and anywhere else God opens a door. She is a born communicator with contagious love and enthusiasm for Jesus. Stephanie’s passion is to see women rooted and grounded in His love until it overflows in ways that will transform eternity. As a wife and mom of 3, she shares from her wealth of relatable stories that will inspire you to see everyday life through the lens of truth. She is authentic, funny and you will wish she lived next door. She and her husband Mike serve at the Pathway Church and make their home in Airdrie, Alberta.

Find out more at www.everydaytruth.ca and @everydaytruthca


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