LeadHER: Sustainable Greatness

Written By: Bonnie Pue


As a young woman, I heard a wise quote: “The gifting on you will crush you if the character in you cannot sustain you.”

It could also be said this way:

“Favor will open the door for you, but integrity will keep you in the room.”

It has taken a few years for me to realize that with all of His heart, Jesus is not opposed to the idea of us being GREAT. So many of us have an ache for influence, or for dreams fulfilled. We desire greatness.

Even more than that though, Jesus desires sustained greatness for us.

There are some lessons that we can only learn through seasons of obscurity. If we will respond to that hiddenness with humility, we will develop habits of selflessness that will carry us through the waiting, and will also safeguard us in seasons of promotion.

We need not fear the dizzying heights of greatness if we follow the way of our Lord through the deepest lows and beyond.

Here are 5 habits that every great woman must hold to:

1. Worship

When the sun shines brightly, worship directs our eyes to the glory of Christ.
When the fog rolls in over the cold ground, worships directs our eyes to the glory of Christ.

We must remember why we do what we do. Is if for selfish ambition? Are we hungry to be filled by human applause? Or is it because we have caught a glimpse of the King of heaven and live so that He will be acknowledged by all? Worship is not a style of music we listen to, but a position of honor towards our Lord.

2. Vulnerability

The temptation has always been to hide our flaws and failures from each other, but imagine how much harder it would be to confess your sins and weaknesses if your influence grew? No one wants to disappoint others!

We must certainly build a habit of transparency now, because secrets will destroy the destinies of the greatest of women. The whole world doesn’t need to know your business, but at least a handful of trustworthy people do! We weren’t made to walk alone. Not now. Not ever.

3. Gratitude

Grateful women do not suppose that they are entitled to the blessings they experience. Gratitude protects us then from becoming demanding, multiplies generosity, and guides us in the way of dignity.

Complaining will only rob us of our strength, but remembering the faithfulness of God will be fuel to our days.

4. Service

No matter what stage of life we are in, we are not too good to get our hands dirty and work on behalf of others. It is our honor to be called servants of the Lord Almighty. Whether we stand on a stage in front of cheering crowds or secretly stoop to pick up the garbage off the floor in the dimly lit hallway, if we have obeyed His direction, we have found greatness.

5. Seclusion

While on earth, our Saviour routinely stole away from the crowds to pray and be filled by His Father. We must follow that same path through the woods, up the hill to the secret place where our soul can breathe in the peace of God. It is the place of friendship, where we don’t have to rush. It is the place where we cannot perform or prove anything.

When the demands of the “crowds” begin to roar around us, Christ is our hiding place where we can tuck away and find rest.

1 Peter 5 speaks of being purposeful to cast our anxieties on Christ, because He cares for us. For years, I failed to note that this verse is in the context of not worrying about our destinies and callings. The Lord is clear, “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and He will exalt you at the proper time.”

We can see then that the humble habits that seem to keep us low and hidden are the very things that will hold us steady as our dreams come true and influence grows. This is sustainable greatness and we were made for it.