Advent Week 5: CHRIST


Written by Joy Byers

The Son of Man did not come to  be served but to serve, and to give His LIFE as a ransom for many.
(Matthew 20:28)

It is Christmastime, that season that is filled with the fullness of the promise of things to come and the memories of things past. Outside, the gently falling snow blankets the countryside as far as the eye can see. Enthralled by the beauty in God’s creation, my mind wanders and rests a while with my Jesus.

He came to seek and save the lost, to bring us back into the beautiful communion between Creator and created. I remember those days of wandering in the “desert places” of my life, thinking all was well and good; without Christ. I had an upward moving career, a family I loved and treasured and so many of the benefits that society defines as success. I seemingly had it all and yet quietly, in the shadows of my life, a friend prayed for me; prayed that I would encounter the Lover of my soul.

Christ was born for THIS! That all who call on His name would be saved.

In the busyness of this season we can so easily  be carried away by the harried hurry of the days. Truth be told, we sometimes enter in with a mixture of anticipation and dread. We anticipate the joy of the season while experiencing the dread of the extended family get togethers of Christmas time. Spending time with family members who are perhaps a bit “eclectic” or that cousin who tells the most off colour jokes and then laughs doubly loud as if hearing the joke for the first time.  Those people in our lives that we all have and sometimes wish we didn’t.

Christ our King was born for THIS - to give us GRACE for the season as we love others well, sharing His Hope, Peace and Joy with all those He invites us to community with.  In this season of awkward gatherings we remember that nothing is ever by accident - in all things God has a plan and purpose for bring us being present.

As the snow dances and swirls outside my window, I am reminded of the extravagant love God lavishes on us. The invitation that He gives us to “Come”, the invitation to step into His presence, to walk with Him and talk with Him, to experience the fullness of Emmanuel, God with us.

Christ was born for THIS! Forgiveness of the mistakes we have made in our pasts and of the things that will come in our futures.

Christ was born for THIS!  To give us real HOPE; Assurance of His Presence with us...Emmanuel. To reveal the Truth that is found in Christ alone.

May you experience the unmatched presence of Christ our King with you this Christmas.

Christ was born for THIS!

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