Mercy Canada: Every Woman Matters

written by Nicola Bartel

We are excited to partner with Gather Women, knowing we will be a valuable resource for the many who are isolated and need support in their healing journey. No matter where I travel in Canada, I encounter beautiful women who are hurting and often struggle with a hidden behaviour as a result of that pain – and many have lost their voice.  At Mercy Canada, we believe in empowering and supporting women in expressing their voice and providing a safe place to heal, learn, and grow. In this way, we share a common purpose with Gather to see women rise to their full potential and know their value and worth. Every woman matters; every woman has a story that needs to be voiced in a community that is championing her.

Like a mixed bouquet, each woman has her own beauty and unique expression. What a boring world it would be if we were all red roses! The simple elegance of a poised iris in contrast with the bold, expressive sunflower in a Tuscany field. Both flowers, but each a unique expression of beauty. God created all women to be a reflection of His beauty with her own distinctive contribution to His master plan. He asks us all to come to the table so that He can work in and through us for our own growth as well as others’, and we are looking forward to doing just that at Gather Women. What a wonderful place to listen, learn, and grow together to empower the national Canadian voice!

For those at Gather Women who may be struggling, we are a free resource that helps young women break destructive coping behaviours, secure their identity in Christ, and embrace hope for the future. We are looking forward to coming together to empower and champion the voices of women across our nation! To learn more about Mercy Canada, visit


Nicola Bartel

As Nicola says, "Every woman matters; every woman has a story that needs to be voiced in a community that is championing her." Join us at Gather Rise on October 1 to hear the story of other Canadian women, and to allow them the gift of hearing yours. Visit our registration page at for more information on how you can be part of this event. 


Executive Director Nicola Bartel has been in active ministry to troubled young women since 1996. She first served on staff at a home for pregnant teens and young adult women, then managed, developed and implemented a program for adults living with the effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. As the Executive Director of Mercy Canada, she oversees and provides direction for all aspects of the ministry, including programs, staffing, community relations and finances.