A Gather Prayer for Harmony

Prayer written by Elle Pyke

God, we long for the harmony and unity given by Your Spirit. Our souls ache to know and be known.
As we breathe in Your grace for our own tired hearts,
may we breathe out grace for others.

As you unbind our hearts from the walls we've built,
give us hands to liberate others.
As your chosen people Lord, the ones You call holy and beloved, may we be women who pursue what makes for peace.
Link our arms in authentic sisterhood.
Create symphonies of harmony as you link our hearts.
May we be women who walk in shalom,
giving freely, the harmony you intend for the whole world God. 

Elle Pyke is a member of the Gather Women Team.  Gather Prayers are written to further express the values of Gather Women and will be published in a Gather Prayer Collection at the end of 2016.  Harmony - that brings together diverse cultures, denominations, generations and geographies - is a deeply held Value of Gather Women.