Better Together

Written By: Helen Burns

Canada has my heart.

Both sets of my grandparents were born in Russia, my parents and older sister were born in Paraguay and I was the first of my family to be born in Canada. I have always known how very blessed I am to live in this vast and wonderful land.

For several decades I have had the privilege as a pastor and teacher to travel the world and connect with God’s big, gorgeous family and it is stunning to see what God is doing throughout the earth today. As I have prayed for Canada there has been a cry deep in my heart to connect with and labour alongside those who live here and are called to serve this nation. I have such a sense of joyful hope and expectation for Canada and I want to be a part of seeing her flourish as God intended.

So, when I heard that a group of women had gathered in Toronto in November 2014, my curiosity was piqued and I leaned in close to find out what was going on and when I heard of the possibility of gathering women in Canada, I put my hand up high and said ‘Count me in – I want to be a part of this!’

A story had already begun to be written when I jumped on board and it was beautiful - the heart, the mandate, the mission captivated my heart as I too resonated so strongly with the question that launched GatherWomen; ‘What would it look like if Canadian women of faith were stronger together through a connected infrastructure from coast to coast?’

Gather is an open-handed & open-hearted invitation to become a part of telling the Canadian story of sisterhood. It exists to champion a culture of support as we walk out our callings: unified and diverse…to connect us all regionally and nationally through a robust network on the ground and online. 

So, my sister - I’m ALL in and I invite you to become a part of this expression of sisterhood too. We are so much better together. There are so many of our sisters who feel isolated and alone and I believe that Gather is a safe and healthy environment where we can come together to flourish and grow - as individuals and a collective of women from every segment of society. Let’s open our hearts and lives wide to God and others and see what will happen as we do.

The heart of Gather is to gather the ONE, the FEW and the MANY, so I am truly excited that on Saturday, April 2 we plan to host the first regional gathering in a suburb of Vancouver -Surrey, British Columbia. It will be a landmark moment for GatherWomen and I pray that you would consider joining us as we launch this gathering that will continue to shape the story of Gather. If you know of someone living in the area, please pass on the invitation to them – every one is so very welcome to come.

I am dreaming of great days ahead and I’m asking you to pray and consider gathering with us too.

To register for GatherWomen/Vancouver or for more information click here

‘Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none.’ Isaiah 43:19

With much love,

Helen Burns


Helen Burns has been married to her high-school sweetheart, John for over 40 years. She passionately loves being a Mom and 'Oma' to her family. She has been a pastor at Relate Church in the Vancouver area for the past 30 years and travels extensively around the world speaking primarily on the subject of Relationships, Marriage and Family. She is a Television Host and has authored several books. She loves to read and cook and looks forward to seeing many more beautiful places in this big beautiful world, but more than anything she longs to explore more of her beloved Canada and her beautiful people.