A Word for You in 2017

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So how did you make out? Did you survive the swirl of activity and find yourself still standing when the celebrations were over? We were praying that your Christmas would be Christ-centered and meaningful for you, even in, and especially in the middle of the fray.

As the year-end draws near, the Gather sisterhood has so much to celebrate and be thankful for! 

2016 was a milestone year for all of us as Christian women in Canada.

Thank-You!  A portal of connection and gatherings across Canada

Thanks to you Gather launched a movement that created a portal for connection and relationship – from us to you and from you to each other – from coast to coast.  We gathered in 4 cities in 4 provinces and celebrated, made memories, music, and began to explore the uniquely Canadian expression of our voices.

Thank-You!  Charitable Status Achieved (No Small Feat!)

Thanks to the support and prayers of Gather Women like you, we received recognition from the Canadian government as a registered federal charity.   This announcement was made at Gather Rise in Toronto in front of many of you!  Thank you for being there when we received this incredible news and what this means for increasing our presence across Canada in years to come!

Our 2016 Word

If we were to summarize our past year in a word it would be: Presence. We firmly planted our feet on Canadian soil and announced our Presence to a watching world.  It was Bono who said: “I believe the world needs more Canada”, and we say in response:  “If the world needs more Canada,”  “Here we are.  Canadian Christian Women stand on guard for Thee!”

A Word for You in 2017 – Gather’s Goal Setting Tool for YOU

Gather Women exists to connect, equip and champion women of Canada so that they are empowered and encouraged to influence their world for Jesus Christ. With that mission in mind, we have a Word for 2017 that will spur us on to be catalysts of the momentum that began this past year and seize all the opportunities before us to glorify God in all we do. We will be sharing our Word in the New Year.

How about you? If you were to pick a word for 2017, what would it be?  Perhaps we can help you find yours by offering you a goal-setting tool using “your word” and engaging our community to connect with each other. Learn more about this opportunity in early January. Some of the Gather women will be coming to you live with an opportunity to join our One Word conversation!

Gather Needs You – Uniquely - Now

In order to continue to engage and promote the unique voices of Canadian Christian women, we need your support now. Consider the benefits you have experienced from the Gather Women community in this past year. Prayerfully consider in this moment your support in the way of a donation. Please consider a gift of $50 before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Join with your sisters across Canada who are ringing in the New Year in support of Gather Women – the one, the few, the many. Please make a donation today and take advantage of year-end giving through Canada Helps, directly through our website, or on your mobile device through txt2give.  

We can’t wait to Gather in 2017!

With love and gratitude for you,
Gather Women