Why I’m Giving to Gather Women on Giving Tuesday

written by Elizabeth Pierce

I’m giving to Gather Women on Giving Tuesday, because I believe in what I see God doing in our great nation, that He has invited Gather Women to be a part of. I see Him weaving together an infrastructure of connectedness between women of Canada from all denominations, generations and cultures –so that we are growing stronger in Him, together.

When I was a teenager, I counselled at camp in the summer. At some point during every week of kids’ camp, there would be an emergency drill to test the procedure for how the counsellors would look for a missing child.

The lifeguards would sound the air horn, and all of the counsellors would have to come running from wherever they were in the camp, and form a line with the lifeguards along the beach, hand in hand. We would cover the width of the swim area from end to end, wade into the water, and sweep our legs out to the sides as we looked into the water, to be sure that we weren’t walking over, past, or around the “missing child”.

Even though I knew it was a drill, there was always something very powerful about joining together with the lifeguards, linked hand in hand, working towards a common purpose. In those moments, it always felt like we were part of something bigger than we could have been part of if we were doing it alone. Like somehow being joined like that strengthened us.

Once the drill was done, we would all return to where we had come from in the camp, running our activities, caring for our campers. Back to the day-to-day life of camp.

I often think of that emergency drill at summer camp, when I reflect on what Gather Women is about. This uniting of daughters of the King in this great nation, gathering in from wherever He has placed us, to “join hands” coast to coast, be reminded that we are all part of a Bigger Purpose - so that we go back out to where God has placed us, filled up and inspired to continue impacting our world for Jesus.

I’m giving to Gather Women on Giving Tuesday, because I believe God wants to take back our country for Himself, and He is rallying His daughters to join Him, together. I’m in. Are you?

Elizabeth Pierce, Gather Women Board Chair