Hello Saturday!

women running

written by Cathie Ostapchuk

John 1:16….”And from His fullness we have received grace upon grace”

Saturday is ‘hinge day’ - connecting our Fridays to our Sundays. It is a perfect day to remember to be grateful for the grace in our past, in our present, and in our future. Saturday is sacred because it holds the beautiful memories of what led up to it, joys, sorrows, successes, and failures and sees all washed in grace. It holds the present - the leaning in to rest and step away from the regular rhythm and the grace to be in the  now and present moments. Saturday holds the future because we prepare for the focus on our future destiny as we anticipate worship and community on Sunday.

What is your Saturday holding for you? At Gather Women, we are relishing the grace moments or remembrance of the past year, as Canadian women gathered across the nation, stirred up with a desire to rise and serve their local churches, and spheres of influence. We are leaning into the grace of the hinge period of now, as we have been a bit quiet, resting in the present, to  receive renewal and recalibrate. We are anticipating grace in the future as we create shared vision and strategize into the year to come.

Our fuel has been your beautiful responses as you have shared your gathering stories. We are using what we are hearing from you to shape the future. We are committed to water and nourish the seeds which have been planted among the Canadian sisterhood. We want to see the new growth push up through the ground in stunning display of His grace and glory.  We want to see roots form beneath the soil, connecting us to each other. We are strategizing ways to bring you together in rounds and circles of community. We want to see women equipped in their spheres of influence. We want to see women on the fringe, out in the areas untouched by sisterhood, reached with an invitation to gather by conversations. We want to see healthy and vibrant churches in Canada, with women invited into full participation and free to bring their best gifts.   

Hello Saturday! Hello Canadian Sisterhood! Are you with us? Let Us Gather.


About Cathie

Cathie Ostapchuk is Co-Founder of Gather Women. She believes that cultivating the soil in this nation through gathering, developing and equipping Canadian Christian women will nurture a collective voice and a presence that can radically impact our churches, communities and our culture.