Our Online Community Guidelines
Community today no longer only happens in our living rooms and local coffee shops. Through social media, we are able to be instantly connected to hundreds of women from coast-to-coast, and beyond! We invite you to join us online. Come into our online home by gathering in our Gather Women Coast-to-Coast Facebook Group. Here we will share life together - peaks, pits, updates and prayer requests. Welcome! You are already so loved and we are trilled to gather with you here. 

When you go over to a friends' house for the first time, you instantly ask about how she structures her life in her home: Where is the washroom? Can I help you with dinner? Similarly, online we have a way of connecting - we want everyone who joins with Gather online to have an enjoyable and meaningful experience in our online home. Here are our community guidelines to help guide us. If you would like more information, or come into conflict online, please read on. Otherwise, the overview below is a helpful tool. We are so glad you've gathered here and we can't wait to get to know you, from coast-to-coast!

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- Ultimately, the websites' terms of use govern all interactions.
- Use this space to generate positive, encouraging Christian community. 
- We suggest taking your online conversations one step deeper by choosing to add value to the group with your posts and by writing your thoughts to spark conversation beyond ‘liking’ posts in the group. 
- Report abuse to the guiding authorities and share suspicions with the Gather Women Team - We ask that posts be in line with what we value. (see below) 
- Enjoy getting to know other Canadian women! 
- If you’d like to report or ask questions about the content you see here, please email gatherwomencanada@gmail.com
- Read on for more information

What we value 
We choose ABUNDANCE as a way of life...knowing we have more than we need 
We choose to be BOLD... rather than timid 
We choose to be GENUINE... rather than cloaked in fear and self-preservation 
We choose to be INVITATIONAL... rather than exclusive and isolated 
We choose to value HARMONY...while embracing our diversity 

1. Ultimately, the website's terms of use govern all interactions. All posts by members are that of their own, not associated with their workplace and/or the opinions of Gather Women. 

2. Our Online Purpose: Gather Women Facebook Group
The purpose of our Gather Women Facebook Group is to connect with Christian women from coast-to-coast in Canada in a meaningful way so that we can be encouraged, inspired and learn from one another. The purpose of this group is to gather together so that we can go back out into our areas of influence. 

This group is intended to be a safe place where women can share their burdens and prayer requests, as well as cheer each other on along the journey. Any words or actions towards a group member that do not encourage the Church and the women gathering online here will not be helpful to our group and consequences will be administrated accordingly. 

Like with all interactions, there will be women in the group with whom you may disagree. We claim this group as a space for all to Gather, and we ask that you respectfully interact with one another online. We believe that every person is created in the image of God, and deserves respect. If you do disagree on political, theological or other issues, we encourage you to ask questions or message the person privately to continue the discussion. If need be, you are also welcome to ask for the wisdom from the Gather Team when discussing issues online. Gather Women Canada chooses to not be distracted by the issues of our time. We encourage group members to respond to things they agree with more than what they disagree with, understanding that each person is on a journey. 

We acknowledge that misunderstandings do happen, and group members will have various levels of online connective abilities. We ask for grace between members and that you each prayerfully seek understanding as you engage. Some tips for online communication are listed at the end of this document.

3. Contact Information 
To contact Gather Women Canada directly, please email gatherwomencanada@gmail.com You are also welcome to message one of the Facebook group Administrators: Melissa Von Hatten-Baer / Cathie Ostapchuk Ellen Graf-Martin

5. Support One Another 
From time to time, sensitive information may be shared within the Group. Please do not share information, links or posts beyond the Gather Women Facebook group without the permission of the community member out of respect for each other. All posts by Gather Women may be shared on your personal Facebook with the appropriate tagging and links back to the Gather : Women Facebook page / social media account. 

6. Content
This space is for conversation, encouragement and empowerment. If you write a reflection on a Gather Event, Gather Conversation Circle or other interactions connected to Gather, we encourage you to share the link within the group. We love to hear what God is doing in your midst, but please share on this group in such a way that adds value to the conversation here, instead of diverting the conversation away to your personal Facebook or website account. We encourage you to take your online connections one step deeper and beyond ‘liking' a post, write a comment on how it impacted you! Conversations will begin. 

If you have a business or group that is not directly associated with Gather Women, we do ask that you mention it only when the content of discussion is relative to your area of expertise. If you would like to offer services or connect about business, we ask that you would message the person privately. 

Many women are encouraged by image-based posts with scripture, quotes or other ‘shareable' content, but as we value authenticity, we suggest that such posts be left for your personal newsfeed so that women can engage in true online conversation. 

Sensitive Information Awareness 
In this group, there will be shared prayer requests and other private information. Should anyone share about abuse (emotionally, mentally, physically), especially about a minor, the Gather Women Team and local authorities will be contacted. It is our legal obligation as citizens, and as Christ followers, to do so. Should such an event occur, the Gather Women Team will support those involved. If you have suspicions about abusive or inappropriate behaviour happening online, please report it to Facebook, and if connected to our group, to gatherwomencanada@gmail.com

7. Connecting On the Ground
We hope that you will find women in your province and neighbourhoods in this group! If you chose to open your home or meet in person, we ask that you be wise and understand that your location will be shared with every member of the group if you post it online. For example, if you post “Anyone in Toronto want to meet at Starbucks this week? Here’s the address!” then you are responsible for the interactions that happen at this address. The group is closed so that your
information will not be shared with anyone beyond the group, but it will be shared with women from coast-to-coast. Gather Women Canada is not responsible for any negative experiences you have coming, going or attending a meeting with a member of this group. We do recommend meeting in public places as you get to know one another, during daylight hours, and if you ever feel uncomfortable for any reason, you are empowered to excuse yourself. If you have a negative experience related to Gather, please contact us for support at gatherwomencanada@gmail.com

8. Consequences
Should you break a community guideline, you will be notified by a member of the Gather Women team. All efforts will be made for peace and reconciliation, and each member will be able to receive up to three community warnings. If problems persist after significant reconciliation has been attempted, the community member will be asked to leave the group.

9. Agreement
By joining the Gather Women Canada Facebook Group, you are agreeing to these community guidelines and will be held accountable as such. 

Online Communication Etiquette

  • Typing in all caps indicates that you’re yelling. 

  • Practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks. 

  • Try to post something that adds value to a conversation. 

  • To avoid redundancy, please read and search previous comments before posting your own. 

  • You’re a guest here, please keep this in mind when commenting. 

    Examples of Problem Content

    • Profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language

    • “Trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track

    • Attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual

    • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs

    • Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material

    • Discussion of illegal activity

    • Spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices

    • Acknowledgement of intent to stalk an individual or collect private information without disclosure

    • Commercial solicitations or promotion of a competitor

    • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights

    • Content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information

    • Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the forum

    • Promoting competing products, services, brands or tools/resources

      Updated May 2016