Gather Rise 2018 Experience


Gather Rise 2018 Experience


The Gather Rise 2018 Experience includes all session videos and the Gather Rise journal. A link is provided for all the videos online when you purchase the downloadable journal.

Purchase and checkout

Gather Rise 2018 Experience


1. Read all of the information below

2. When you are ready, click on the Purchase and Checkout Button. You will see that it has been added. The button will say ADDED to your CART. CLICK ON THE TITLE WITH ARROW - BACK TO GATHER RISE EXPERIENCE. (OR SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN) There you will see your item in the cart. Click on the Cart that shows an item has been added. Then proceed to click on that to go to the next screen.

3. On the next screen complete all of the information regarding payment and then review the information before you purchase.

4. After your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation of payment and a second email with a link to download the the Gather Rise 2018 Experience Journal . This link will expire after 24 hours. If you miss that deadline, you can request a separate link to be sent to you. Please read the important information below on how to access the videos with this purchase.



Gather Women

Additional Information

The Gather Rise 2018 Experience has speaker and performance videos that accompany this PDF document.

NOTE: The information and link for accessing the downloadable videos is on the second page of the PDF (right after the cover page). There is an active link that you can copy into a browser or CLICK to go to the Gather Rise 2018 Experience Video Album which is password protected on Vimeo. com.

The password and other helpful information for viewing are also provided on page 2 of the Journal.