GatHER Collective is a company of women gathering for mutual {in}couragement and increased leadership impact.

Leadership can be hectic, overwhelming and lonely. God in His mercy provided a means that it does not have to be that way - Community.  Save the date and come join us for the launch of GatHER Collective, a community designed with you in mind.  

  • Be encouraged by connecting to a local network of incredible women

  • Be equipped on your leadership journey

  • Be released to lead well wherever God has planted you

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Featuring the voices of Cheryl Nembhard, Joy Byers,  Cathie Ostapchuk and others.


Cathie Ostapchuk - Lead Catalyst. Cathie's work and ministry as a leadership development trainer, consultant and coach -  has led her to work in global non-profit organizations such as World Vision and Compassion, corporate boardrooms, and has taken her across Canada and as far as Africa and Australia doing the work she loves.  Her mission statement is to help clarify purpose and vision for individuals, teams and organizations.

Cathie is committed to raising the profile and presence of Canadian Christian women coast to coast and as the Co-Founder of Gather Women, she knows that the Canadian landscape will be transformed by women who are connected and championed in a culture of support.  She believes that cultivating the soil in this nation and gathering, developing and equipping Canadian Christian women will nurture a collective voice and a presence that can radically impact our churches, communities and our culture.


Joy Byers was born in Montreal and found her way into the loving arms of Jesus much later in life.  Joy is Mom in a blended family with 4 grandbabies and "Mama Bear" to many others that God has placed in her path. She loves words and using them to encourage others in the journey called life and experimenting with spices and cuisine from diverse nations. Joy treasures flawed, imperfect, authentic people as well as travelling and learning new things. She is enamoured of all things tech and understanding what makes things work the way they do as well as an avid basketball fan who loves the opportunity feed your belly and your soul.
Joy currently serves as the Discipleship Pastor @ The Peoples Church and is passionate about equipping the body to handle the Word of God, with a special place for women.


Cheryl Nembhard is an award winning Filmmaker, Playwright & Social Advocate who uses her incredible talents in Theatre & Film, to tackle some of the toughest societal topics. She's dedicated her life to community service, helping rehabilitate troubled youth, former gang members, ex- drug addicts, rape victims & teenage mothers. In addition to being named one of '100 Women to Watch in Canada', CBC Canada has recognized her as one of '150 Black Women who are making Canada a better place'. Cheryl is Co Host of 'See, Hear, Love', a Christian Women's talk show on YES TV. other through it.