Gather Conversation Circles - Series 2

Jesus has some beautiful, life-changing, counter-cultural conversations with women in the Bible.  We are going to take a journey into 6 of those conversations and get a closer look at Jesus and the women he encountered. 

As you gather in your circle of women lean into the stories.  Read each of them from 2 different versions of scripture to help paint the scene.  Even close your eyes as one person in the group reads the story. 

Imagine yourself in the story.  What is your response to Jesus?  How does he see you?  What is he saying to you? 

It is our deepest desire that as women we have a biblically informed view of who Jesus is and who he says we are.  Our true identity is found in knowing what Jesus says about us.  We need the scriptures to give us his insight and his words to us today.

Be blessed as you gather, lean in and listen to what Jesus wants to say to you.

Lorie Hartshorn

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Week #1 - A Crippled Woman DOWNLOAD
Week #2 - A Shunned Woman DOWNLOAD
Week #3 - An Exposed Woman DOWNLOAD
Week #4 - A Delivered Woman DOWNLOAD
Week #5 - A Worshipping Woman DOWNLOAD
Week #6 - A Healed Woman DOWNLOAD
Title Access Files Here
Week #1 - Leader's Guide Conversations Series 1 DOWNLOAD
Week #2 - Conversations DOWNLOAD
Week #2 - Love DOWNLOAD
Week #3 - Truth DOWNLOAD
Week #4 - Belonging DOWNLOAD
Week #5 - Generosity DOWNLOAD
Week #6 - Humility DOWNLOAD